About Zata

  • svgZata is a technology company fostered upon improving productivity. Zata aims to use emerging technologies to improve life’s in helping users attain goals they set. The company is based in California and was founded by Victor Gbemudu in May 2020. Victor Gbemudu has been leading large scale technology projects for Fortune 500 companies and started Zata based on the productivity needs he has seen in organizations.


Why Choose Zata?

  • svg Track over 200 goals and collaborate with others accomplish them
  • svg Increased productivity with over 25% in first few months of use
  • svg Enhanced Team’s Collaboration on projects with Zata Leaderboard tool
  • svg Creation of over 100 custom metrics to track and measure
  • svg Zata analytics enable businesses to see key areas that needs adjustment

Find data in Everything

svg For Personal Use

Zata helps you achieve goals as a community. Use Kanban boards, and customized dashboards to track metrics in every aspect of your life. Set personal goals with friends and use Leaderboards to see how others are doing.

svg For Business

Stay on top of your business goals with Zata's tool for quality improvements, KPI's, and data collection using stat reports, business metrics tracker, trend analysis, and the latest cutting edge machine learning technology.

svg For Government

Governments can use Zata to track metrics like the unemployment rate or revenue generation. Zata can also be used to facilitate program evaluation, continuous improvement, policy-relevant research and cost-benefit analysis.


Artificial Intelligence | Data Analytics | Enterprise Workflow Management System


Our Story

We are in the technology industry delivering data services. We are based in Toluca Lake, California, and serve to transform data into relevant insights.



Our Vision is to use metrics data to build a better world for people, businesses, economies, and governments.



We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create our powerful data-driven platform.


“I found a new app that works for me. ZATA is a simple, powerful and fun based analytics platform that has helped me get more out of my data”


Uchechi Ijoma

Social Media Manager

“ZATA is a great tool for anyone who wants to track their time and projects. It's simple, intuitive and powerful. I really like it.”


Okoro Chuks

Data Analyst

“Our members are so impressed. It's intuitive. It's clean. It's distraction free. If you're building a community.


William Smith

Founder @ Trorex